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KRIS Klamath : Chart Page

Area Mainstem Klamath
Topic Conductivity: Klamath Basin All Sites Maximum (w/date) 1996
Caption:  The maximum conductivity reading during 1996 at eighteen sites and the date of the reading is displayed above. See below for a key to locations. See "Tour: Water Quality Sites on the Klamath" for photos of some locations. Maxima occurred at different dates even for adjacent mainstem Klamath locations. Values above 800 umhos exceeded North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board standards. Highest conductivity values were at the Klamath Straights Drain and at Tule Basin locations. Site Key: TLP3=Tule Lake Pump 3 (in) TLPD=Tule Lake Pump D (out) JCBORD=J Canal at stateline LRBORD=Lost River at stateline KSD=Klamath Straits Drain at stateline KRBORD= Klamath River upstream of Shovel Creek COPCO2 = Copco Dam outflow IGRO=Iron Gate Dam outflow KRUSCOTCR = Klamath River upstream of Cottonwood Creek KRDSSHR= Klamath River downstream of Shasta River SHRA12=Shasta River at A-12 SHRMGR=Shasta River at Montague Grenada Road SHRHWY5=Shasta River downstream of Hwy 5 SHRM=Shasta River at mouth KRDSBVCR= Klamath River downstream of Beaver Creek KRDSSCTR = Klamath River downstream of Scott River KRDSELKCR = Klamath River downstream of Elk Creek KRDSIKESF = Klamath River at Ikes Falls KRWEITCH=Klamath River at Weitchpec

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