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KRIS Klamath : Chart Page

Area Mainstem Klamath
Topic Temperature: Maximum Klamath River at Four Locations 1992
Caption:  Maximum daily water temperatures of the Klamath River at River Mile 100, 110, 143 and 176 in summer 1992. Scroll down in this caption box for locations associated with river miles. Temperatures exceeded stressful levels for salmonids for at least some portion of the day from late June through early September at all sites. For better view of detail of the temperature records, go to Chart Table, use the Find a Record tool to choose a start date of 530 (May 30) and return to this page and hit the green recycle button (upper right). RM 100 = 1000 feet upstream of Oak Flat Creek, RM 110 = at the mouth of Cade Creek, RM 143 = at Scott River and RM 176 = mouth of Shasta River.

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