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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Mainstem Klamath
Topic Fish: Downstream Migrant Juv. Chinook by Week Klamath 1992, 1993, 1995

Caption:  The Chart Table klamtrap.dbf is a summary of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service downstream migrant trapping data at Big Bar on the Klamath River. YOYKS = young of the year Chinook (king) salmon, YOYCOHO = young of the year coho salmon, PARRCOHO = larger juvenile sub-yearling coho not yet smolting, SMOLTSCO = yearling coho in smolting condition, YOYSH = young of the year steelhead, PARRSH = older age juvenile steelhead not yet smolting, SMOLTSH = smolting steelhead. Smolting is the preparatory phase for ocean entry and is denoted by loss of parr marks and silver color.

 50 rows of a possible 32181 have been displayed.
Apr 1243210362--------0000004103000040
Apr 15242020238--------202010050340000112
May 1578000671202000110425011021128003230
May 1554218303477226323903912070000394814109022
Jun 1201394330064310002013302222001667012000025
Jun 15591170552688070010002553525502806114210280002
Jul 1428140731532637002311122941521755031220980051123
Jul 157901013611240000100138521521103122216900101030
Aug 1301031021900000201841800200111290000100
Aug 15-------100------874201211893--------
Sept 1---------------4600010510--------
Sept 15-------------------------------
Oct 1-------------------------------
Oct 1516000031------------------------
Nov 1270000562--------16-000010--------
Nov 15240200142--------33-010050--------
Dec 136---032--------22-000042--------
Dec 15---------------26-000051--------

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