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KRIS Klamath : Chart Source Table Page

Area Mainstem Trinity
Topic Temperature: Min, Max, Avg Trinity River ab Big French Cr 2003

Caption:  The Source Table "tempraw_klam_trin_usfws_2001_2003.db" contains hourly temperature data from Klamath River basin streams for the years 2001-2003. Data were collected and quality controlled by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Temperature site codes include the following: BB = Klamath River at Big Bar (Trap Site), BFC = Big French Creek, BL = Bluff Creek at mouth, BVC = Beaver Creek, CFC = Coffee Creek, CNY = Canyon Creek, DGC = Douglas City, ELK = Elk Creek, HC = Klamath River below Happy Camp, IG = Klamath River at Iron Gate Bridge, IND = Indian Creek, K1 = Klamath River above Shasta, K2 = Klamath River above the Scott River, KBL = Klamath River above Bluff Creek, KBS = Klamath River below the Shasta, KBV = Klamath River above Beaver Creek, KEL = Klamath River above Elk Creek, KSA = Klamath River above Salmon River, OR = Klamath River at Orleans, RR = Klamath River at R-Ranch, RSH = Rush Creek, SA = Salmon River near mouth, SCT = Klamath River at the Scott River Trap Site, SH = Shasta River near mouth, STF = Stuart Fork, SV = Klamath River at Seiad Valley, SWF = Swift Creek, TBF = Trinity River above Big French Creek, TR = Trinity River near mouth, TRC = Trinity River above Rush Creek, TSF = Trinity River above South Fork, WE = Klamath River at Weitchpec, WLC = Willow Creek Screw Trap Site.

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