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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Mainstem Trinity
Topic Fish: Lower Trinity Mainstem Creel Data, Hoopa to Willow Cr 1997-2001

Caption:  The Chart Table creel_sum_lt_1996_2001.dbf is derived from creel census data collected by the Hoopa Tribe Fisheries Department for the Trinity River Restoration Program. The column headers are species (CH = Chinook, Jack = Chinook two year old, SH = steelhead, both adults and half-pounders, COHO, CO = coho). The second part of the column header is whether the fish was killed and kept (KEPT) or released (RELEASE). PERIOD is the duration of the survey.

 50 rows of a possible 104 have been displayed.
1997Sept- Dec494495479400765139111483
1998Sept- Nov113613410601548412907423
2000Jan- Dec4922144133425305732887
2001Jan-Oct 276704734027451376326153
2002Aug- Dec200624351373402664411172

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