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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Mainstem Trinity
Topic Sediment: Gravel Permeability Mainstem Trinity River 2000

Caption:  The Chart Table, sed_trinity_gravel_perm_2000_summary.db, contains mainstem Trinity River spawning gravel permeability statistics for gravel quality monitoring sites on the located between Lewiston Dam and Junction City in 2000. Permeability statistics include the mean permeability (Ave), standard deviation (Sdv) and standard error (Sde) and are reported in units of cm/hr. Data were originally collected by Graham Matthews and Associates in 2000 and reported in their Gravel Quality Monitoring in the Mainstem Trinity River report (GMA 2003).

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LEWISTON DAM37829.6335140.134536.57
RUSH CREEK2227.71949.73106.18
POKER BAR2849.082774.06346.76
INDIAN CR1450.67547.1760.8
STEINER FLAT1066.74926.05105.53
EVANS BAR460.8341.1338.14
JUNCTION CITY1833.321253.48143.78

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