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Area Middle Trinity
Topic Ownership: Lower Middle Trinity Land Ownership 2001

Caption:  This Chart Table, ownership_lowermiddletrinity_gma_2001.dbf, contains land ownership in acres for Lower Middle Trinity River sub-watersheds. Data are from Graham Matthews and Associates Trinity River Sediment Source Analysis (2001). Headers contain landowners and include: BLM = US Bureau of Land Management, BOR = US Bureau of Reclamation, STATE_LOCA = State or local government, USFS_NF = US Forest Service National Forest, USFS_WILD = US Forest Service Wilderness, SM_PRVT = Small private, ROSEBURG = Roseburg Resources, MICH_LUM = Michigan CA Lumber, SPI = Sierra Pacific Industries, TRIBAL = Tribal lands.

 50 rows of a possible 72 have been displayed.
Big Bar Creek AreaLower Middle Trinity00160.124765.42317.31596.3000028839.1
Big French CreekLower Middle Trinity0005163.919300.3100.5000024564.7
Canadian Creek AreaLower Middle Trinity0012.820939.70465.8000021418.2
Canyon CreekLower Middle Trinity3125.4013.24626.932081.6970.700121.7040939.6
Cedar Flat CreekLower Middle Trinity0002530.901.400002532.3
Conner Creek AreaLower Middle Trinity5193.50318.715580100.15601.9003685.4030479.6
Dutch CreekLower Middle Trinity0003281.60742.200208306106.8
East Fork North Fork TrinityLower Middle Trinity3573.90396.66275.119110.8136000029492.5
Hawkins CreekLower Middle Trinity0001680.30000001680.3
Hennessy CreekLower Middle Trinity00313.41025.2034900001687.6
Italian CreekLower Middle Trinity0001950.90000001950.9
Little French CreekLower Middle Trinity0001074293582.800004091.8
Manzanita CreekLower Middle Trinity00074.47346.935.300007456.6
McDonald CreekLower Middle Trinity0022.7977.80863.200001863.6
Mill CreekLower Middle Trinity002.32577.801137.800175.503893.4
New RiverLower Middle Trinity000.147826.8100551.61001.30000149379.8
North Fork TrinityLower Middle Trinity000416.466763.428.8000067208.5
Oregon GulchLower Middle Trinity2122062.3001395.6001178.604758.4
Prairie CreekLower Middle Trinity000254.61749.515.900002020
Quinby Creek AreaLower Middle Trinity00235.515755.104172.6000020163.2
Sharber CreekLower Middle Trinity0002388.70122300003611.8
Soldier CreekLower Middle Trinity0004002.30235.700236.804474.8
Swede CreekLower Middle Trinity0001870.8084.300001955.1

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