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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Middle Trinity
Topic Sediment: Lower Middle Trinity - Sediment Transport Rates 2001

Caption:  This Chart Table, sed_totaltransport_lowermidtrinity_gma_2001.dbf, contains sediment transport data in the Lower Middle Trinity River Planning Watershed for the 2001 water year. Data were collected by Graham Matthews and Associates as part of their Trinity River Sediment Source Analysis (2001). Table attributes include: PLANWSHD = Planning Watershed name, STREAM = stream name, SITE = location of the sediment monitoring station, T_SED_2001 = sediment transport load in tons for the 2001 water year, SED_R_2001 = sediment transport yield in tons/sq mi/yr for the 2001 water year.

 50 rows of a possible 70 have been displayed.
Lower Middle TrinOregon GulchOregon Gulch15120
Lower Middle TrinManzanita CreekManzanita Creek272
Lower Middle TrinBig French CreekBig French Creek842
Lower Middle TrinMill CreekMill Creek325
Lower Middle TrinNorth Fork Trinity RNorth Fork Trinity River182812

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