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Area Middle Trinity
Topic Sediment: Lower Middle Trinity - Slide Volumes by Land Use 1979-2000

Caption:  The Chart Table, sed_slides_type_lowermiddle_trinity_gma_1944_2000.dbf, contains landslide data by land use for Lower Middle Trinity River Planning Watersheds. Data come from a variety of sources and were originally derived from aerial photo analysis. See Info Links for more information. Headers include: PLANWSHD = Planning Watershed, YEAR = analysis year, ROAD = road associated slides (tons), HARVEST = harvest associated slides (tons), FOREST = forest (non-management) related slides (tons), ROADPCT = road associated slides (percent of total), HARVESTPCT = harvest associated slides (percent of total), FORESTPCT = forest (non-management) related slides (percent of total), ROAD = road associated slides (tons/sq mi/yr), HARVEST = harvest associated slides (tons/sq mi/yr), FOREST = forest (non-management) related slides (tons/sq mi/yr).

 50 rows of a possible 70 have been displayed.
Lower Middle Trinity19793152543013457229190812190935
Lower Middle Trinity2000315254157627134572317.38.774221194

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