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Area Middle Trinity
Topic Sediment: Upper Middle Trinity - Road Densities 2001

Caption:  The chart table sed_roads_umt_gma_2001.dbf, contains road density data and computed active road erosion by source for the Upper Middle Trinity Planning Watershed as of 2001. The data are from the Trinity River Sediment Budget Report (GMA 2001). Column headings are as follows: P_WSHD = planning watershed S_WSHD = sub-watershed name AREA_SQMI = drainage area (mi^2) R_LENG_MI = road length (mi) R_DENSITY = road density (mi/mi^2) R_CUTBANK = Road cutbank erosion (tons) R_SURFACE = Road surface erosion (tons) R_OTHER = Other road erosion (tons)

 50 rows of a possible 71 have been displayed.
Upper Middle TrinityBrowns Creek73.5245.43.3417423.4522586.7913250.91
Upper Middle TrinityDeadwood Creek9.144.94.932102.853346.762424.49
Upper Middle TrinityGrass Valley Creek26147.35.6719338.3840709.589449.22
Upper Middle TrinityHoadley Gulch3.517.24.922677.924102.111112.22
Upper Middle TrinityIndian Creek33.7130.83.8914553.2923415.687396.93
Upper Middle TrinityLewiston Lake Area25.1104.74.176684.797326.245711.6
Upper Middle TrinityLittle Grass Valley Creek10.852.34.8310026.6318513.973513.64
Upper Middle TrinityPoker Bar Area35.3175.24.9622945.827280.5110136.45
Upper Middle TrinityReading Creek31.291.52.9410950.913055.464934.06
Upper Middle TrinityRush Creek22.5116.85.211628.3615793.096993.01
Upper Middle TrinityWeaver Creek49.7214.34.3221840.4225604.2811876.4

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