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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Middle Trinity
Topic Sediment: Upper Middle Trinity - Sediment Input vs. Output 1981-2001

Caption:  The Chart Table, sed_input_output_up_mid_trinity_gma_1981_2001.dbf, contians sediment inputs and the sediment transport data for sub-watersheds in the Upper Middle Trinity Planning Watershed. Table attributes include: TRIB_SITE = tributary name/sub-watershed, IN_TOT = total sediment input (tons) between 1981-2000, IN_MEAN = mean annual sediment input (tons/yr) between 1981-2000, IN_RATE = sediment input yield (tons/yr/sq mi) between 1981-2000, OUT_TOT = total sediment transport (tons) between 1981-2000, OUT_MEAN = mean annual sediment transport (tons/yr) between 1981-2000, OUT_RATE = sediment transport yield (tons/yr/sq mi) between 1981-2000.

 50 rows of a possible 71 have been displayed.
Deadwood Ck1176215881646965534828530
Rush Ck10960405480224521817709089407
Grass Valley Ck1231256615631673958801479401303
Indian Ck15582267791123191414889707442106
Weaver Ck2364716118236245933349516675347
Reading Ck5367182683687250287925144817
Browns Ck7846853923454174174937087512

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