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Area Middle Trinity
Topic Sediment: Upper Middle Trinity - Sediment Inputs Percent 1981-2000

Caption:  This Chart Table, sed_budget_inputs_upper_middle_trinity_gma_1981_2000.DBF, contains estimated sediment inputs into the Lower Middle Trinity River Planning Watershed between 1981-2000. Sediment inputs were calculated as a part of Graham Matthews and Associates Trinity River Sediment Source Analysis (2001). All values are reported in tons, except for the sub-watershed area (AREA_SQMI), which is reported in square miles. Sediment input types are described by the column headers, including: NM_LS = non-management related landslides, TH_LS = harvest related landslides, RD_LS = road related landslides, BF_NM = non-management erosion from brush/forest areas (from sample plot data), LEG_RD = erosion related to legacy roads (from sample plot data), TH_OE = erosion related to timber harvest (from sample plot data), TH_SE = surface erosion from timber harvest areas, RD_CSE = road cutbank surface erosion, RD_TSE = road tread surface erosion, RD_OE = other road related surface erosion, LM_SLIDES = slides from legacy mining, LM_GULLY = gully erosion from legacy mining, CREEP = soil creep, BANK = bank erosion, EMR_ERO = total existing management related erosion, LMR_ERO = total legacy management related erosion, BACKGROUND = total existing non-management related erosion, TOTAL_INPUT = total sediment inputs (EMR_ERO+LMR_ERO+BACKGROUND).

 50 rows of a possible 70 have been displayed.
Browns CreekUpper Middle Trinity73.55800714106370081161634354922047695835348474517426502147006900440822989343397757092293616784685
Deadwood CreekUpper Middle Trinity9.156398-76200364736273232614206669448493920184054643410218171049685308117621
Grass Valley CreekUpper Middle Trinity2683862172019143809601913611040612970587301184472592619600920022080184371053457479361298631231256
Hoadley GulchUpper Middle Trinity3.5-74724830767518141047804153568204222439201840209312333717475741100055748
Indian CreekUpper Middle Trinity33.71121761620319771107409617514101045195129107468311479419600920020208135051291928463142199851558226
Lewiston Lake AreaUpper Middle Trinity25.113796-215055136130327519109251337014652114231470069001503713554600393463297522192193
Poker Bar AreaUpper Middle Trinity35.399041969404956777685183621059332725458925456120273147006900211875186141055139962160637611150
Reading CreekUpper Middle Trinity31.21541601442992721168574162089351142202190226111986898004600187021171225296230608253148536718
Rush CreekUpper Middle Trinity22.5541519188330901123528208181201045689581427896534965612502875033690239292625561108187226661096040
Weaver CreekUpper Middle Trinity49.713068076365020512273119535163087564570109202128021593828575040250744875457647621217951617089882364716

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