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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Middle Trinity
Topic Wildfire: Historical Wildfires - Lower Middle Trinity 1910-2000

Caption:  This Chart Table, fire_acres_lowermiddletrinity_gma_1910_2000.dbf, contains historical wildfire burn area in acres by decade for Lower Middle Trinity River sub-watersheds for the years of 1910-2000. Data also contains the total burn area by association, i.e. human (F_HUMAN), lighting (F_LIGHT), and unknown (F_UNKNOWN), for the total period of record. The dates in the column headers denote the starting date of the decade.

 50 rows of a possible 71 have been displayed.
Big Bar Creek AreaLower Middle Trinity697.6366.14122.496.511.2177.211.324.54912.83136.4322.41454.1
Big French CreekLower Middle Trinity0.57.63030.72.12.218713.5933237.62411.2818.97.5
Canadian Creek AreaLower Middle Trinity0.14953566.11343.82.27.4126.66.537.55585.23971.8128.11485.3
Canyon CreekLower Middle Trinity214.14088.532.9170430.8616977.754.822910.85767.71709350
Cedar Flat CreekLower Middle Trinity10.500008.531.113.854.951.13.80
Conner Creek AreaLower Middle Trinity16250.629044457.668.42.13.42025.4591.710265.13441.428.56795.2
Dutch CreekLower Middle Trinity0426.18.5000.2323.8023.80
East Fork North Fork TrinityLower Middle Trinity0265.873.9297.10.50.973.4920.8145.41777.7588.51115.773.6
Hawkins CreekLower Middle Trinity2000.100001147.31149.401149.40
Hennessy CreekLower Middle Trinity00000.40.3000.
Italian CreekLower Middle Trinity001192.
Little French CreekLower Middle Trinity00.20.83.800016.50.421.80.321.50
Manzanita CreekLower Middle Trinity003.23723.900.60.13740.20.27468.23626.83744.297.2
McDonald CreekLower Middle Trinity1010.8220.70002225.511.7213.80
Mill CreekLower Middle Trinity03.
New RiverLower Middle Trinity00.613573.28401.826.71259168.164530.274594.51340.572942.8311.2
North Fork TrinityLower Middle Trinity650.1294.42695.622.8479.718626.38.719618.5678.318782.1158.1
Oregon GulchLower Middle Trinity000340.6723.
Prairie CreekLower Middle Trinity00010.
Quinby Creek AreaLower Middle Trinity150.18.52.21531.814.28.3815.7910.9836.374.60
Sharber CreekLower Middle Trinity050123.510.
Soldier CreekLower Middle Trinity0023.60.11032.10.830.611.718.90
Swede CreekLower Middle Trinity00182600.50.1074.40.41901.41900.70.70

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