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Area Middle Trinity
Topic Timber Harvest: Upper Middle Trinity - Harvested Area through 2000
This is a map of timber harvest from pre-1950 to 2001 in the sub-watersheds of the Upper Middle Trinity Planning Watershed, displayed with Trinity River and sub-basin outlines. Timber harvest was most intensive from 1950 to 1970, but has continued during more recent decades. No data from USFS (Six Rivers NF) or Hoopa Reservation harvests since 1977 were included in Lower Trinity. Data were produced by the Trinity County Resource Conservation District for the Graham Matthews and Associates Trinity River Sediment Source Analysis (2001).

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Name of Layer in Map LegendMetadata File Name
Sub-Watersheds (TCRCD-GMA) tr_wsbnd.shp.txt
Planning Watersheds (TCRCD-GMA) tr_stdy-areas.shp.txt
Mainstem and South Fork Trinity trin_riv.shp.txt
Timber Harvest, Mainstem Basins tr_harvests_mrg.shp.txt
Timber Harvest by Decade, South Fork Basin sf_harvests.shp.txt
Frame Project Outline Unavailable
Change in Veget. (1994-98)(TIFF) vegchg.tif.txt
Vegetation by DBH, Mainstem Basins (HSU 1994) (TIFF) hsu_vegsize_n.tif.txt
Vegetation by DBH, South Fork Basin (HSU 1994) (TIFF) hsu_vegsize_s.tif.txt
USFS Vegetation Size (1999)(TIFF) vegsize99.tif.txt
USFS Vegetation Size (1994)(TIFF) vegsize.tif.txt
Topographic Map (1:24k scale) trinity.sid.txt
Topographic Map (1:24k scale) trinity.sid.txt
Elevation (meters)(USGS)(TIFF) elev30.tif.txt
Trinity Project Area trin_outl.shp.txt