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KRIS Klamath : Chart Page

Area Salmon River
Topic Fish: Chinook Spring-Run Population 1980-2002
Caption:  The U.S. Forest Service has conducted annual spring Chinook and summer steelhead dive counts since 1990. Grilse are also known as jack salmon and are generally precocious males that have spent only one year in the ocean. Grilse counts were separated from adult counts starting in 1995. The Salmon River is very clear so direct dive observation counts can be very accurate during periods of low flow. The spring Chinook population dropped to very low levels, with as few as 170 adults returning in 1990, but the population rebounded strongly starting in 1993. The increase in the population may be in response to improved ocean conditions and decreased harvest. Data are provided by the Klamath National Forest, Salmon River Ranger District. Values for spring Chinook before 1990 come from West (1991). Click on Info Links* for additional information.

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