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Area Salmon River
Topic Map: Salmon River Base Map
This is a base map of the Salmon River Project Area. The Salmon River is located in very northern California. The 480,640 acre Basin is home to approximately 250 year round residents. The 751 square mile Salmon River Basin is 98.7% publicly owned with federal management by the United States Forest Service.

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Name of Layer in Map LegendMetadata File Name
Towns towns.shp.txt
Basin Buffer buffer_basinboundary.shp.txt
Streams (1:100k scale)(w/ labels) rivers.shp.txt
Annual Precipitation (in inches) precip.shp.txt
Elevation (in Meters) sr_elevation.tif.txt
Hillshade.tif srhillshade.tif.txt
Basin Boundary basin_bnd.shp.txt