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Area Salmon River
Topic Map: Salmon River Fire
This is a map of fire history in the Salmon River Project Area. Fire perimeters were obtained from 1:126720 Ranger District Fire Atlases. District Atlases contain all fires greater than 40 acres in size. The dates covered are from 1911 to present. Since 1911, a total of 44% of the Basin has burned, while 29% of the Basin has burned since the mid 1970s. The risk of catastrophic fire is identified by managers as the number one threat to Salmon River ecosystem health.

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Name of Layer in Map LegendMetadata File Name
Towns towns.shp.txt
Basin Buffer buffer_basinboundary.shp.txt
Fire Perimeters before 1977 pre77fire.shp.txt
Fire Perimeters since 1977 post77fire.shp.txt
Elevation (in Meters) sr_elevation.tif.txt
Basin Boundary basin_bnd.shp.txt
Hillshade srhillshade.tif.txt