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KRIS Klamath : Picture Page

Area Salmon River
Topic Tour: Channels and Sediment

sa1002.jpg 44K  Click on image to enlarge (44K).

This photo shows a stream channel after a debris torrent has occurred.

sa1003.jpg 40K  Click on image to enlarge (40K).

This lower gradient reach of a small Salmon River tributary has also recently experienced a debris torrent. Note the angular rock in the channel.

sa1004.jpg 37K  Click on image to enlarge (37K).

Large boulders were washed down this stream reach, and high water flows have scoured stream banks.

sa1005.jpg 42K  Click on image to enlarge (42K).

This small Salmon River tributary channel is scoured as the result of a debris torrent. Note that riparian trees are partially buried by the rubble that was transported.

sa1010.jpg 46K  Click on image to enlarge (46K).

While debris torrents can disrupt in the short term fish habitat, they are the major contributor of large wood and spawning gravels, which are essential elements of fish habitat in the Salmon River.

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