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KRIS Klamath : Picture Page

Area Salmon River
Topic Tour: Fuels Management Project

sa1026.jpg 49K  Click on image to enlarge (49K).

The forest floor in this photo appears to have high fuel levels. Fire suppression over the last several decades may have promoted this condition in some areas.

sa2008.jpg 28K  Click on image to enlarge (28K).

This area is near residential settlements and was burned both in 1977 and 1987. Note the fuels from snags and brush.

sa2010.jpg 23K  Click on image to enlarge (23K).

The brush understory in an area burned by the 1987 fire increases current fuel levels.

sa2004.jpg 31K  Click on image to enlarge (31K).

Hand piling and burning help reduce fuel levels in an area affected by the 1987 fires.

sa2005.jpg 29K  Click on image to enlarge (29K).

Fuels reduction adjacent to roads helps prevent fires starting from these locations.

sa2006.jpg 27K  Click on image to enlarge (27K).

This is a road intersection after fuels reduction work. Notice the small ridge in the center of the picture. The brush on this ridge was dense and 10 feet tall before the work was completed.

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