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KRIS Klamath : Picture Page

Area Salmon River
Topic Tour: Roads & Erosion

sa1014.jpg 44K  Click on image to enlarge (44K).

The culvert at the lower center of the photo was probably plugged during a major storm event. As the creek washed over the road, a large amount of road fill was washed downstream.

sa1007.jpg 39K  Click on image to enlarge (39K).

This is a different view of the same culvert shown in previous photo.

sa1008.jpg 52K  Click on image to enlarge (52K).

This is a blown culvert viewed from downstream and below the road failure. Clearly the culvert either was plugged or totally inundated by a debris flow, as the stream is flowing over the remnants of the road prism. Use the scroll bar to the right of photo to see more of the picture if Fit function is off.

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