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KRIS Klamath : Chart Page

Area Scott River
Topic Fish: Scott Downstream Trap Results 2000
Caption:  The Scott River rotary screw trap began sampling on March 19 and ended on July 18, 2000. This chart shows the total catch for all species. The trap location was at the Cabin Hole located 4.75 miles upstream of the mouth of the Scott River. During this period the trap was fished a total of 1254.2 hours. A total of 2325 steelhead, 873 coho and 10,238 Chinook were trapped. Raw catch totals from the Scott River trap are lower than the Shasta River because the Scott has more flow and trap efficiencies are consequently lower. Data provided by the California Department of Fish and Game. See Info Links for more information and a link to CDFG (2000) S-RAMP report.

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