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Area Scott River
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sct48.jpg 18K  Click on image to enlarge (18K).

The Scott River is shown here during high spring flows in the canyon reach which extends downstream of Kelsey Creek.

imgsc221.jpg 30K  Click on image to enlarge (30K).

Frying Pan Lake in the Marble Mountains is in the Scott River watershed.

sct63.jpg 35K  Click on image to enlarge (35K).

South Fork Lake lies at the headwaters of the South Fork Scott River between the Marble Mountain and Trinity Alps Wilderness Areas. It lies at the divide between the South Fork Salmon and South Fork Scott Rivers.

sct49.jpg 24K  Click on image to enlarge (24K).

The Scott River below Jones Beach. Note that the commercial timber harvest on private lands at right has left a riparian buffer strip to help maintain some shade canopy but may allow an increase in air temperature over the stream.

kelsey2.jpg 58K  Click on image to enlarge (58K).

This image is of the upper Kelsey Creek watershed and was taken in October 1997. The ridge sloping up to the left from the center of the photo was burned in the 1987 Fires and subsequently salvage logged. Photo by Pat Higgins.

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