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Area Scott River
Topic Tour: Restoration Brazil/Pastures of Heaven Complete

scott10.jpg 83K  Click on image to enlarge (83K).

Bank stabilization project on the Brazil Ranch (Pastures of Heaven) that withstood the 1997 flood. River jumped the bank at right but rock and willows were not scoured out. However, the main flow of the river was switched from the right of the photo to out of the picture to the left. Photo by Pat Higgins.

scott11.jpg 61K  Click on image to enlarge (61K).

Looking upstream at same point as Photo 1 on Brazil property on the Scott River. Shifting bedload in the center of the photo caused the river to meander away from the bank at the left of the photo. Note that deflectors at left and stabilized bank are intact. Photo by Pat Higgins.

scott14.jpg 64K  Click on image to enlarge (64K).

Brazil property bank stabilization project that sustained high flows of January 1997 without damage. Note that the channel in the photo is now a side channel because of a shift in the river course. Photo by Pat Higgins.

scott13.jpg 50K  Click on image to enlarge (50K).

Dimple at center of photo is a large trout that rose to the surface next to Brazil bank stabilization project. The project was providing good habitat but the surface water temperature was 74 degrees F. Photo by Pat Higgins.

scott15.jpg 64K  Click on image to enlarge (64K).

Gary Black next to willow starts on Brazil property that survived the January 1997 high water. The willow sprouts in the center of photo are from deep plantings of large willow poles. Photo by Pat Higgins.

brazil6.jpg 189K  Click on image to enlarge (189K).

Willow starts on Scott River gravel bar at Brazil Ranch downstream of the bank stabilization project. Note the black plastic hoses for drip irrigation that help increase survival of starts. Photo by Pat Higgins.

brazil.jpg 199K  Click on image to enlarge (199K).

This photo shows sprouting of willows after thinning had occurred to get materials for the bank stabilization project at Pastures of Heaven. Photo by Pat Higgins.

scott18.jpg 44K  Click on image to enlarge (44K).

This picture shows the field adjacent to the Scott River on the Brazil Ranch being leveled using heavy equipment. The Scott River caused extensive damage to the field when it jumped its banks in January 1997, although the bank stabilization project remained intact. As the riparian vegetation matures, the flows during flood should have much less erosive force at this site. Photo by Pat Higgins.

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