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KRIS Klamath : Picture Page

Area Scott River
Topic Tour: Restoration Canyon/Kelsey Creek (USFS Road Repairs)

canyon1.jpg 160K  Click on image to enlarge (160K).

This photo shows a new cement road crossing in the Canyon Creek watershed paid for through emergency Federal flood relief funds (ERFO). This structure replaced a typical culvert and fill crossing because the Klamath National Forest thought that debris torrents at this location are likely to recur. The ability to upgrade over previous road designs represented new flexibility with ERFO funds. The rationale is that road maintenance and flood damage will be less over the long term with a greater investment now. Photo by Pat Higgins.

canyon6.jpg 112K  Click on image to enlarge (112K).

This photo is another shot of the same cement crossing in Picture #1. Note the large bed load materials (boulders and cobbles) that are upstream of the crossing. This indicates that the stream has considerable power during storm events and would likely continue to pose risk of road failure with a traditional crossing. Photo by Pat Higgins.

canyon5.jpg 115K  Click on image to enlarge (115K).

This photo shows Klamath National Forest Supervisor Barbara Holder, road engineer Bob Ford, Scott River Ranger Bob and Jim Dupree inspecting a new crossing in the Canyon Creek drainage in September 1997. The pipe size was increased to accommodate flood flows and only course material was used in the crossing in case it fails so that fine sediment will not cause problems downstream. Photo by Pat Higgins.

canyon8.jpg 107K  Click on image to enlarge (107K).

This section of road in upper Canyon Creek was re-opened using ERFO funds by creating a large gabion foundation for the road across the head of a slide. Photo by Pat Higgins.

kelsey6.jpg 85K  Click on image to enlarge (85K).

The foundation had just been poured for this cement crossing on upper Kelsey Creek when this photo was taken in September 1997. This location is likely to experience bedload movement and debris transport in future storms. Photo by Pat Higgins.

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