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KRIS Klamath : Picture Page

Area Scott River
Topic Tour: Restoration Tozier Property (Bank Stabilization/Riparian)

scott16.jpg 63K  Click on image to enlarge (63K).

The bank stabilization project at the center of this photo is on the Tozier Ranch just upstream of Shackleford Creek on the mainstem Scott River. Riprap interspersed with willow plantings withstood high flows in January 1997. Photo by Pat Higgins.

scott19.jpg 90K  Click on image to enlarge (90K).

The landowner, Ben Tozier, provided fencing on the far bank while the Siskiyou RCD did stabilization and planting in 1996. Photo by Pat Higgins.

scott20.jpg 129K  Click on image to enlarge (129K).

Tozier property on the east bank with new willow starts planted the summer before by the Siskiyou RCD. Willows in the foreground are on the Brazil property. Photo by Pat Higgins.

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