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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area S.F. Trinity
Topic Timber Harvest: South Fork Trinity - Harvested Percent, GMA 1970-2003

Caption:  This chart table, sfharvest.dbf, contains timber harvest data for the South Fork Trinity watersheds for the years 1970 - 2003. Data contains subwatershed name and location (SWATERSHED), subwatershed acronym (ACRONYM), total number of timber harvest units (TH_UNITS), total number of harvested acres (TH_ACRES), total watershed area (WSHED_AREA), and percent of subwatershed harvested (TH_PERCENT). The data in this chart are combined from USFS files and aerial photo analysis by Graham Matthews and Associates for the South Fork Trinity River Water Quality Monitoring Project (2003).

 50 rows of a possible 182 have been displayed.
Butter Creek above SF TrinityBUCSFT3075109.42309222.13
Eltapom Creek above South Fork TrinityECASFT1281620.81254012.93
Grouse Creek above SF TrinityGCASFT39787003403725.56
Kerlin Creek at South Fork RoadKCSFR35879.7253534.7
Madden Ck @ Route 6MCR61163360.51441923.31
Pelletreau Creek at South Fork Rd.PCSFT32811.3755410.74
So. Fork Trinity at Sandy BarSFSB439189478.659590015.02
South Fork Rattlesnake at 29N57SFR571194.912687.48
South Fork Trinity at Forest GlenSFTFG82714811.913285211.15
Upper Rattlesnake ab Hwy 36 Water HoleUR3689725.992597.84
Upper Rattlesnake above 29N73UR7325271.543176.29
W. Fork of S. Fork Rattlesnake at 29N57WFSFR1410597010.83

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