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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area S.F. Trinity
Topic Fish: Steelhead Juvenile Density All Reaches Lower Hayfork (Dive) 1994

Caption:  The Chart Table sftrhab2.dbf is derived from the Source Table sftrhab.dbf. HABTYPE is the McCain et al. (1990) habitat type with descriptions of each in the column DESCRIPT and abbreviations in HABNAME. Columns with various ages of steelhead juveniles (SH0YEAROLD = young of the year) show the density of fish present in fish/square meter by habitat types for all units measured in all reaches surveyed. Data from Higgins (1995).

 50 rows of a possible 65 have been displayed.
10.0062000LGRLow Gradient Riffle
20.11340.02670.01680HGRHigh Gradient Riffle
90.06130.04660.06370PLPPlunge Pool
160.03690.01190.01190SRNStep Run
170.01130.00640.00750.0004MCPMid-Channel Pool
200.01160.00960.01960.0004LSP BoLateral Scour Pool B
210.03760.01240.01170POWPocket of Water

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