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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area S.F. Trinity
Topic Conductance: Hayfork Creek at Six Sites 1994-1995

Caption:  The Chart Table above hycond.dbf was assembled using data from the Weaverville Office of the Natural Resource Conservation Service and the Trinity County RCD. STATION = locations along Hayfork Creek and in lower Salt Creek and Carr Creek. BAR 717 is in the Hayfork Creek gorge just upstream of Hyampom, Mercell Bridge is at the bottom of Hayfork Valley, Deep Gulch is above Hayfork Valley and Wildwood is upper Hayfork Creek. DATE headers are as follows: 940609 (June 9, 1994), 950328 (March 28, 1995), 951113 (November 13, 1995). DATE column values are specific conductance in micro mohs.

 50 rows of a possible 58 have been displayed.
Bar 717 Ranch317342325177230325354217
Mercell Bridge337864346177219358399215
Salt Creek-502346177199537372249
Carr Creek------641225
Deep Gulch317803325177250365270198

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