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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area S.F. Trinity
Topic Sediment: Road Densities - Hayfork Creek, GMA (2003)

Caption:  The chart table road_density_hayfork_cr_wshd_gma.dbf contains road density data broken out by sub watershed for the Hayfork Creek watershed. The data are from the South Fork Trinity River Water Quality Monitoring Project (GMA 2003). The table contains the following data: subwatershed name and location (S_WSHD), total miles of road in the watershed (WSHD_RD_MI), total watershed area in square miles (AREA_SQMI), and miles of road per square mile (R_DENSITY). See Info Links for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 942 have been displayed.
Barker Creek at Hwy 344.810.174.4
Bear Creek above Hayfork Creek8.37.631.08
Big Canyon Cr. at Hyampom Rd.81.824.42
Barker Creek at Stokley Ranch44.3104.42
Big Creek at Hwy 396.227.263.53
Barker Trib. At Stokely Ranch0.10.023.25
Carr Creek at Hwy 330.35.965.09
Duncan Creek at Summit Creek Rd.20.76.473.2
Grassy Flats at Hyampom Rd.
Gardner Gulch above Pond7.11.275.59
Hayfork Creek near Hyampom1243.6378.773.28
Hayfork Creek near Hayfork980.8265.13.7
Little Barker at Barker Cr. Rd.
Little Creek at Hyampom Rd.
No Name at 9 Mile Bridge.11.32.674.23
Olsen Creek at Olsen Creek Rd.
Shock Creek above Gardner Gulch6.11.533.99
Summit Creek at Summit Creek Rd.12.92.535.11
Salt Ck. @ Salt Cr. Growers16953.593.15
Summit Creek at Wildwood Rd.127.628.264.52
Tule Creek @ Tule Creek Road76.420.253.77
Upper Barker at USFS 32N03265.364.85

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