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KRIS Klamath : Picture Page

Area S.F. Trinity
Topic Sediment: V* Trinity Tributary Comparison RSL vs. Rusch Creek

vstar3.jpg 14K  Click on image to enlarge (14K).

V* is a measurement of the volume of fine sediment stored in pools relative to the volume of water during summer low flow periods. The depth of the riffle crest at the pool tail, where the water spills downstream, is subtracted from pool depth to yield residual pool volume. The V* probe is used to determine the depth of fine sediment in the pool along several transects.

vstar2.jpg 38K  Click on image to enlarge (38K).

Illustration shows how V* is measured. Taken from Lisle and Hilton, 1992.

vstar1.jpg 35K  Click on image to enlarge (35K).

This drawing is one of several created during summer 1994 V* studies conducted by Hayfork High School students. Photos were also taken of each pool measured.

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