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KRIS Klamath : Picture Page

Area S.F. Trinity
Topic Fish: Steelhead Juvenile Density Hayfork (2) Below Miner (Dive) 1994

sft80.jpg 26K  Click on image to enlarge (26K).

Trench pool below Miner Creek (Reach 2) near the lower extent of the survey. This pool was stratified, with the bottom temperature about 5 degrees F cooler tan the surface waters.

sft34.jpg 30K  Click on image to enlarge (30K).

The mouth of Miner Creek as it joins Hayfork Creek. The cold water from this tributary provides a refuge area for steelhead juveniles when Hayfork Creek is above stressful temperatures during summer.

sft37.jpg 21K  Click on image to enlarge (21K).

This picture shows juvenile steelhead underwater on Hayfork Creek during 1995 PWA survey.

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