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KRIS Klamath : Picture Page

Area S.F. Trinity
Topic Tour: Restoration USFS Fire Rehabilitation and Instream Projects 1988

sft25.jpg 45K  Click on image to enlarge (45K).

Seasonal U.S. Forest Service crew constructs sediment check dam to decrease soil loss in Cold Camp Creek after the 1987 Fires. August 1988. Photo by Pat Higgins

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Large woody debris placed in headwater swales along Penny Ridge to catch sediment after the Hermit Fire in 1988. October 1988. Photo by Pat Higgins

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Sediment fence erected as part of post-fire monitoring in Rail Gulch on the Shasta Trinity National Forest. Hydrologist John Vaevaart pictured in the foreground. 1990. Photo by Pat Higgins

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Rail Gulch in the upper Indian Valley/Butter Creek watershed after the lightening fires of 1987 and subsequent salvage logging. Photo by Pat Higgins.

sft44.jpg 32K  Click on image to enlarge (32K).

Cover logs were placed in upper Hayfork Creek above Wildwood to help increase habitat complexity for juvenile steelhead. Trinity Restoration Program money was used to build similar structures throughout the Hayfork and South Fork Trinity basin in 1988-89.

sft45.jpg 31K  Click on image to enlarge (31K).

Large wood structures were placed in Dubakella Creek by the USFS to scour pools and provide cover during low water periods for juvenile steelhead. Danny Hagans looks on skeptically.

sft46.jpg 25K  Click on image to enlarge (25K).

Six Rivers National Forest Lower Trinity Ranger District has conducted experimental plantings along the lower South Fork. By re-establishing conifers on the terrace the USFS hopes to accelerate recovery of a shade canopy in this reach damaged by past floods. Photos by Pat Higgins..

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