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KRIS Redwood Creek: Chart Page

Area Lower Redwood
Topic USFS VegTypes: McArthur Creek 1994
Caption:  This bar chart shows tree size classes for the McArthur Creek Calwater Planning Watershed in 1994. The McArthur Creek Calwater is comprised of 45 percent in medium large and greater size class, 54 percent in small-medium and smaller size class, and 2 percent is non-forest. The U.S. Forest Service derived the information from a 1994 Landsat image. The analysis technique calculates averages of vegetation stands and is only appropriate at the stand level. Scroll down for a key to classifications. Click on Picture to see an ArcView screen print of the Calwater Planning Watershed showing vegetation types. Vegetation is classified according to diameter at breast height (DBH): Giant = >50" DBH, V Large = 40-50" DBH, Large = 30-39.9" DBH, Medium/Large = 20-29.9" DBH, Small/Medium = 12-19.9" DBH, Small = 5-11.9" DBH, Non-Forest = No trees, shrubs, grass, bare soil.

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