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KRIS Redwood Creek: Chart Table Page

Area Lower Redwood
Topic Fish: Summer Steelhead Direct Observation Records from 2000

Caption:  The chart table RNP_FISH_DO_00.DBF illustrates the numbers of adult summer steelhead trout, half pounders and coastal cutthroat trout observed in the 2000 direct observation dive. The area surveyed included the 25.9 km (16.1 mile) index reach of Redwood Creek from Lacks Creek to Tom McDonald Creek, Humboldt County, California. These data were from Redwood National Park.

Lacks to Panther126
Panther to Coyote123
Coyote to Copper004
Copper to Slide1017
Slide to Bridge0010
Bridge to Tom McDonald008
Tom McDonald to Bond0217
Bond to Hayes0130

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