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KRIS Redwood Creek: Chart Table Page

Area Lower Redwood
Topic Temperature: Seasonal Maxima in the Lower Redwood Creek 1994-2001

Caption:  The Chart Table TEMPF_SeasonalMax_rc_lr.dbf has been filtered for Lower sub-basin locations and is comprised of maximum water temperatures taken on Redwood Creek or tributaries by RNSP, FSP and Simpson. Some data were transcribed by NCRWQCB staff from THPs filed by Simpson Timber Co. See Info Links and Meta Table for more information. Column headers are years (Y94 = 1994) with temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit.

 50 rows of a possible 152 have been displayed.
3013RedCrk upstm PrairRedwood CreekLower---75.9769.9171-72
40Tom McDonaldTom McDonaldLower-------60
3014RedCrk upstm TMcDRedwood CreekLower---75.0675.9773-76

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