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KRIS Redwood Creek: Chart Table Page

Area Lower Redwood
Topic USFS Riparian VegTypes: Bridge Creek 1994

Caption:  The Chart Table riparian_USFS.dbf shows, for each Calwater Planning Watershed of the Redwood Creek basin, proportions (in percentage) of 90-meter riparian strips in various vegetation size classes derived from an analysis performed by the U.S. Forest Service in co-operation with the California Department of Forestry (see Info Links for more details). The coverage is based on 1994 Landsat imagery. Extensive ground verification was conducted to assure accuracy. The vegetation classification is accurate at a 1 Hectare scale and is suitable for stand classification. Six classes of vegetation based on tree diameter were selected and summed at the Calwater Planning Watershed level for use in KRIS projects. Vegetation is classified according to diameter at breast height (DBH): Giant = >50" DBH, V Large = 40-50" DBH, Large = 30-39.9" DBH, Medium/Large = 20-29.9" DBH, Small/Medium = 12-19.9" DBH, Small = 5-11.9" DBH, Non-Forest = No trees, shrubs, grass, bare soil.

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