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KRIS Redwood Creek: Chart Table Page

Area Lower Redwood
Topic Sediment: V* From Bridge Creek, 1993

Caption:  The chart table VSTAR_Bridge_93.dbf contains V* sample data from Bridge Creek in 1993. See Info Links for more information. V* is in percent. A V* of 50% means half of the residual pool is filled with fine sediment. Field definitions are as follows (for best viewing, use the "F7" key): NAME = self explanatory SHORT_NAME = self explanatory YEAR = self explanatory POOL_NUM = self explanatory POOL_VOLUME = volume of the residual pool in cubic meters SED_PCT = the percent of mobile fine sediment in the residual pool (V*) WATER_PCT = the percent of water in the residual pool V_STAR_W = the average percent of sediment in the reach weighted by pool volume (V*w)

 50 rows of a possible 328 have been displayed.
Bridge CBridgeBR199328.8321.2878.7220.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR1993348.9611.9788.0320.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR1993430.0349.8250.1820.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR199355.624.7395.2720.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR1993662.717.7182.2920.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR1993734.8617.6982.3120.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR19938516.8214.1685.8420.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR199388.215.8584.1520.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR1993913.9921.0878.9220.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR1993129.2811.8388.1720.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR1993138.0327.4572.5520.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR1993148.4316.4183.5920.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR19931522.969.390.720.880.0518
Bridge CBridgeBR19931618.369.3890.6220.880.0518

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