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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Page

Area Regional
Topic Sediment: Road Densities for All East Marin-Sonoma Planning Watersheds
Caption:  The Chart above shows the density of roads in miles per square mile for all KRIS East Marin-Sonoma Calwater planning watersheds. The highest road densities tend to be in highly urbanized basins. Road densities are lower in Calwaters greater topographical relief. Most Calwaters have densities exceeding properly functioning condition according to the National Marine Fisheries Service (1996), which is less than 3 miles per square mile, a value shown for reference. Cedarholm, et. al. (1981) suggest that road densities should not exceed 1.6 mi/sq. mi. Road data originates from 1:100,000 scale topographic maps and under represent road densities, especially in urban areas. Roads densities are calculated by KRIS IFR staff in Arc Info. Calwater full names are located in the Chart Table. See Map for a map layer of basin wide roads. See Info Links for more information.

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