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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Corte Madera Creek
Topic Habitat: Physical Habitat Quality Scores in Corte Madera Creek 1999

Caption:  The Chart Table "hab_bmi_cortemad_mcdpw_1999_2000.xls.db" is the same as the Source Table, although filtered for the Corte Madera Creek watershed. The metrics included in the table are the mean values for Taxonomic Richness (TAXARICH), Percent Dominant Taxon (PCTDOM), EPT Taxa (EPTTAXA), Modified EPT (MODEPT), Shannon Diversity (SHANNON), and Tolerance Value (TOLVALUE), along with the associated Index of Biological Integrity (IBI) score for each metric as well as the total IBI (IBI_TOTSCORE) and rank (IBIRANK). In addition, EPT Index (EPTINDEX) is also included. The habitat parameters include instream cover (INSTCOV), embeddedness (EMBEDD), velocity/depth (VELDEPTH), sediment deposition (SEDDEP), channel flow (CHANFLOW), channel alteration (CHANALT), riffle frequency (RIFFREQ), bank stability (BANKSTAB), vegetative protection (VEGPROT), riparian vegetative zone width (RIPVEG), total reach score (REACHTOT), condition (CONDITION), percent vegetative canopy cover estimate (VEGCANOP), water temperature in C (WATTEMP), specific conductance in uS/cm at 25 C (SPECCOND), and comments pertinent to the habitat assessment (HABCOMMENTS). Click on Map to view the sampling locations. Data were collected and analyzed by the Sustainable Land Stewardship Institute and provided by the Marin County Department of Public Works.

 50 rows of a possible 510 have been displayed.
Corte Madera CreekCorte Madera CreekCM18812119958581114814161717161313104116suboptimalsuboptimal32431615not collected330--191166172
Corte Madera CreekCorte Madera CreekCM2710121271499710663516189106682100marginalmarginal78631515not collected370-r-2 under bridge abutment63100-2311
Corte Madera CreekRoss CreekCM3-17-12-15-18-9-20-17-18-16-19-161-optimal-72-16-162-reach may be missing sand substrate-16183210
Corte Madera CreekBilly Williams CreekCM3b-14-18-15-17-6-20-17-18-18-20-163-optimal-77-11-155-Pacific giant salamander325163184523
Corte Madera CreekSan Anselmo CreekCM4-15-14-15-14-14-15-6-11-13-7-124-suboptimal-42-13-188-sculpin. stormdrain under u/s r-36012463214
Corte Madera CreekSleepy Hollow CreekCM5-15-13-15-15-11-15-14-14-16-10-138-suboptimal-48-13-358--631386183
Corte Madera CreekSleepy Hollow CreekCM6-13-12-13-12-7-9-11-15-13-6-111-suboptimal-60-14-520-low water. filamentous algae. 4 stormdrains in reach. R-3 under house961116133
Corte Madera CreekSleepy Hollow CreekCM7-15-12-14-14-7-10-11-14-15-9-121-suboptimal-47-12-347--24712162411
Corte Madera CreekSleepy Hollow CreekCM7b-8-12-11-17-12-19-17-16-19-14-145-suboptimal-37-13-307-algae. minimal flow. wild bamboo. scotch/franch broom.-145122714
Corte Madera CreekSan Anselmo CreekCM812914171213757814121415161614161410124121suboptimalsuboptimal53471513not collected276sculpin in r-4, many yoy fingerlingheavy sediment behind dam. yoy trout. sculpin. riffle sculpin.97121143515
Corte Madera CreekSan Anselmo CreekCM8b-------------------------------------
Corte Madera CreekCascade CreekCM9-16-16-16-14-11-17-14-13-16-11-144-suboptimal-63-15-265--132144163118
Corte Madera CreekCascade CreekCM1012171817111517184820191816151715181819148164suboptimaloptimal90771412.5not collected305spotsampled due to possible steelhead habitat-303164203723

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