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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Novato and Miller Creeks
Topic Fish: Novato Creek Electrofishing, 1997

Caption:  The Chart Table fish_efish_novato_rich_1997.xls.db shows electrofishing results during May 1997 in Novato Creek. Data were collected by A.A. Rich and Associates. The abbreviations in the table are defines as follows:

 50 rows of a possible 72 have been displayed.
Novato Creek1997E-14Upstream of project areap-ls-bc10.0210.0260.1----
Novato Creek1997E-13Upstream of project areap-ls-bc10.01--150.2----
Novato Creek1997E-12Upstream of project arealgr90.220.04110.2----
Novato Creek1997E-11Upstream of project arealgr20.2--110.9----
Novato Creek1997E-10Within project areap-riprap20.04110.2280.6----
Novato Creek1997E-9Within project arealgr--20.110.04----
Novato Creek1997E-8Within project areap-ls-rt--230.6170.5----
Novato Creek1997E-7Within project areap-ls-bc--90.1270.4----
Novato Creek1997E-6Within project areap-dam10.04--10.04----
Novato Creek1997E-5Within project areap-debris30.0590.2150.320.0320.03
Novato Creek1997E-4Within project areap-ls-cement20.01280.2730.510.01--
Novato Creek1997E-3Within project areap-sc--213.5101.7----
Novato Creek1997E-2Within project areap-ls-bc10.01480.5780.820.02--
Novato Creek1997E-1Within project areap-ls-bc----20.01----

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