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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Novato and Miller Creeks
Topic Habitat: Physical Habitat Quality Scores in Novato Creek 2000

Caption:  The Chart Table hab_bmi_novato_mcdpw_1999_2000.xls.db is the same as the Source Table, although filtered for the Novato Creek watershed. The metrics included in the table are the mean values for Taxonomic Richness (TAXARICH), Percent Dominant Taxon (PCTDOM), EPT Taxa (EPTTAXA), Modified EPT (MODEPT), Shannon Diversity (SHANNON), and Tolerance Value (TOLVALUE), along with the associated Index of Biological Integrity (IBI) score for each metric as well as the total IBI (IBI_TOTSCORE) and rank (IBIRANK). In addition, EPT Index (EPTINDEX) is also included. The habitat parameters include instream cover (INSTCOV), embeddedness (EMBEDD), velocity/depth (VELDEPTH), sediment deposition (SEDDEP), channel flow (CHANFLOW), channel alteration (CHANALT), riffle frequency (RIFFREQ), bank stability (BANKSTAB), vegetative protection (VEGPROT), riparian vegetative zone width (RIPVEG), total reach score (REACHTOT), condition (CONDITION), percent vegetative canopy cover estimate (VEGCANOP), water temperature in C (WATTEMP), specific conductance in uS/cm at 25 C (SPECCOND), and comments pertinent to the habitat assessment (HABCOMMENTS). Click on Map to view the sampling locations. Data were collected and analyzed by the Sustainable Land Stewardship Institute and provided by the Marin County Department of Public Works.

 50 rows of a possible 660 have been displayed.
Novato CreekNovato CreekNC11212121515151612710201615149/9148/8176/814145139suboptimalsuboptimal50645712440440Stormdrain upstream of riffle 6. Low flow in reachsheen on water surface. petroleum smell. stormdrain u/s r-2251396135
Novato CreekNovato CreekNC281212129121112710201612168/8158/7168/714125135suboptimalsuboptimal70775713420460Sinola Environmental Club was doing a stream clean-up during our sampling. Low flow in reachoutfall between r-1 & 2431358239
Novato CreekNovato CreekNC3-16-12-16-10-9-18-12-12-14-14-133-suboptimal-62-14-420-stormdrain u/s of t-3 & d/s t-2. fish in pool.73133102714
Novato CreekNovato CreekNC4151314141715131378202018189/8128/81610/1018157147optimalsuboptimal60755914330410Mitten crab found in reach; overall good quality reach except for low flow conditions-7614763113
Novato CreekNovato CreekNC513111211151312956202016166/5106/6129/1018135126suboptimalsuboptimal70726415290520Low flow in reachoverall poor riffle habitat12212682912
Novato CreekNovato CreekNC6-14-14-15-14-6-20-16-18-18-20-155-optimal-33-16-350-SF garter snake on path186155123015
Novato CreekWarner CreekNC7-11-12-14-15-6-17-17-14-14-9-129-suboptimal-57-15-490-stormdrain u/s r-81011298217
Novato CreekWarner CreekNC810-6-8-12-6-7-10-8/8 (see comment)-6/6-3/3-93-maginal-30-63-580-Substrate mostly hardpan clay; banks stabilized w/ concrete bags-44-8153

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