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KRIS Battle Creek: Map Page

Area Basin-wide
Topic Map: 1L Vegetation Type, Battle Creek Basin
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This is a map of 1996 vegetation type data in the Battle Creek basin, displayed with KRIS sub-basins. The vegetation type classifications were derived from Landsat multi-spectral images. Stand conditions are accurately represented at the one hectare scale. Herbaceous and hardwood signatures dominate in the low-elevation western portion of the basin. Conifers dominate the mid and high elevations in the eastern watershed, but change to Mixed Conifer-Hardwood Woodland on private timber lands related to more active silviculture than on public lands. Data were provided by the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region Remote Sensing Lab, in cooperation with the California Department of Forestry.

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Sub-basins (no labels) subbasins.shp.txt
USFS Vegetation Type (1996)(TIFF) vegtype96.tif.txt