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KRIS Battle Creek: Picture Page

Area Basin-wide
Topic Tour: Manton and Agricultural Shots

bat13.jpg 25K  Click on image to enlarge (25K).

The town of Manton looking back toward the town center. Photo by Pat Higgins.

bat12.jpg 13K  Click on image to enlarge (13K).

Cumulus clouds rise to the left of Mount Lassen on an August 1998 afternoon. The vineyard shown here was the first to begin operating in the Battle Creek valley. Photo by Pat Higgins.

bat16.jpg 22K  Click on image to enlarge (22K).

Cattle grazing in grasslands of the Battle Creek valley and in upland areas is an important economic activity. Photo by Pat Higgins.

bat21.jpg 19K  Click on image to enlarge (19K).

Grasslands suitable for grazing with the South Fork Battle Creek in the draw in the background. Photo by Pat Higgins.

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