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KRIS Battle Creek: Map Page

Area North Fork Battle
Topic Map: 1G Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (DOQ), North Fork Battle
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This map shows digital orthophoto quadrangles (DOQ) of the North Fork Battle sub-basin. Photographs may be pale or higher in contrast depending on the time or season of flights. Select the magnifying glass (+) to zoom in and the pan tool (hand) to move around. Select USGS topographic map themes and turn ortho on and off to gage location when zoomed in. Data were provided by the U.S. Geological Survey. Scale = 1:224,931 .

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Name of Layer in Map LegendMetadata File Name
Subbasin (no labels) subbasins.shp.txt
Project Frame mask1.shp.txt
Streams (1:100k scale) stms100.shp.txt
Shingletown DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Lassen DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Finley DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Grays DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Manzanita DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Mineral DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Lyons DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Manton DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Jacks Backbone DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Bend, northeast DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Balls Ferry, southwest DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Viola DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Tuscan Buttes DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Inskip Hill DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Hagaman Gulch DOQ (Sid) Unavailable
Project Area Background battl_outl.shp.txt