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KRIS Big River: Chart Page

The chart on this page can not be modified, as it can in the CD version of the KRIS database. Data can be downloaded (see bottom of page).

Area Basinwide/Regional
Topic Sediment: Matthews Erosion Surface from Harvest Skid Trails 1921-2000
Caption:  The chart above shows the computed surface erosion volumes from skid trails in harvest units for each Big River sub-basin. Matthews and Associates (2001) state: "The results suggest a peak in surface erosion coinciding with high harvest rates using high-density tractor logging methods in the 1953-1978 periods. In the most recent period, smaller volumes of surface erosion have been produced by more extensive harvest areas due to a substantial change in harvesting techniques." Estimates are generated from CDF data and aerial photographs. See Info Links for more background information and links to references.

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