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KRIS Big River: Chart Page

The chart on this page can not be modified, as it can in the CD version of the KRIS database. Data can be downloaded (see bottom of page).

Area Basinwide/Regional
Topic Sediment: Matthews Landslides by Land-Use Big River Basins 1921-2000
Caption:  The chart above shows the total number of delivered landslides per land-use area in the Big River basin for the period 1921-2000. Estimates were generated from aerial photographs by Matthews and Associates (2001). Mass wasting is largely active in harvest areas and road fill. Matthews and Associates (2001) state: "Significant construction of new roads has led to increasing sediment yields from road surface erosion, despite improved practices. Under current conditions (1989-1999 period), management-related sediment delivery is estimated to be 51.7% of the total input." See Info Links for more background information and links to references.

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