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KRIS Big River: Chart Page

The chart on this page can not be modified, as it can in the CD version of the KRIS database. Data can be downloaded (see bottom of page).

Area Basinwide/Regional
Topic Sediment: Matthews Road Densities All Big River Sub-basins 2000
Caption:  The chart above shows road densities in miles per square mile for all Big River sub-basins as estimated by Matthews (2001) with the overall road density for the entire watershed calculated at 6.86 miles/square mile. Road densities exceed properly functioning condition according to the National Marine Fisheries Service (1996), which, is less than 3 miles per square mile, a value shown for reference above. The lowest road densities are found in the Upper South Fork basin (4.12 mi/sq mi) and the highest are in the Middle Big (8.85 mi/sq mi). Data provided by Matthews and Associates (2001). Click on Info Links for more background information.

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