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KRIS Big River: Chart Table Page

Area Basinwide/Regional
Topic Sediment: Matthews Erosion Rates from Roads Surfaces

Caption:  The Chart Table sediment_road_surferosion_rates_all.dbf was derived from Matthews and Associates (2001) Table 29. Surface erosion rates (tons/yr) were computed using method of Reid (1981) based on use function analysis (High, Moderate, Low, None) and application of sediment production rate (800, 80, 8, 0.8 tons/yr) modified by surfacing factors (.2, .5, and 1.0 for paved, rocked, and native surfaces, respectively) and by location delivery factors (0.8 for riparian roads within 200 of a stream course, and 0.2 for mid-slope roads). Ridge roads were assumed non-delivering. Each period of analysis spans back to the previous aerial photo year. See Info Links for more information. BASIN = Matthews sub-basin naming convention, SHORT_NAME = abbreviation for use on charts. Y19## = surface erosion rate (tons/yr) for the year of the aerial photos used in the calculation.

 50 rows of a possible 125 have been displayed.
Lower BigLOWER_BIG406485502675725902lb
Laguna CreekLAGUNA3695129168276468lb
Big River EstuaryESTUARY137180247373465603lb
Middle BigMIDDLE_BIG1132777208089581383lb
Two Log CreekTWO LOG80170348354399525lb
LITTLE NORTH FORKLITTLE_NF2584165667879601227ln
Upper North Fork BigUPPER_NF0167482646691912nf
James CreekJAMES0102419488579732nf
Chamberlain CreekCHAMBERLAIN18532907120112311241nf
East Branch NF BigEAST_BR_NF093134532587688nf
Lower North Fork BigLOWER_NF48360525707770835nf
Upper Mainstem BigUPPER_MAIN01976677389051173ub
Martin CreekMARTIN0135326421493746ub
Lower Mainstem BigLOWER_MAIN01063535979281177ub
Upper South Fork BigUPPER_SF0172336352362446sf
Middle SF BigMIDDLE_SF0294642732754906sf
Lower South Fork BigLOWER_SF387398106112031535sf
Daugherty CreekDAUGHERTY033770195210241286dc

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