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KRIS Big River: Chart Table Page

Area Basinwide/Regional
Topic Sediment: Matthews Landslides Volume Delivered by Sub-basin 1921-2000

Caption:  The Chart Table slides_vol_tons_period_allsubs.dbf was derived from Matthews and Associates (2001) Table 19. The SUB_BASIN is the Matthews sub-basin naming convention, SHORT_NAME is the abbreviation for use on charts and the years (ie. Y1936) are the year of the aerial photos used in the mass wasting analysis. Each period of analysis spans back to the previous aerial photo year. Sediment volumes are reported in tons. See Info Links for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 125 have been displayed.
Lower Big RiverLOWER_BIG186856181623801163510622682128726
Laguna CreekLAGUNA1455496942449-160611258982247
Big River EstuaryESTUARY2134116350453041811-40970125776
Middle Big RiverMIDDLE_BIG35539190156251182387825862316892811026
Two Log CreekTWO LOG385024350201971768-850658670
LITTLE NORTH FORKLITTLE_NF864034618558823251963387438221510939
Upper North Fork BigUPPER_NF-370932917510906391658164124502
James CreekJAMES295914459611654720580538852535341101
Chamberlain CreekCHAMBERLIN-804189222892283989666122001077345
East Branch North FkEAST_BR_NF-13710770162177484417924765293961
Lower North Fork BigLOWER_NF22398912086173891242488816900436947
Upper Mainstem BigUPPER_MAIN-403490271868348575466665068829949
Martin CreekMARTIN-123057188716429013200547655434334
Lower Mainstem Big RLOWER_MAIN67301348263741193523008242558260960
Upper South Fork BigUPPER_SF-82848069078144944048916365968906
Middle South Fork BiMIDDLE_SF549495223288421318981812017304456461
Lower South Fork BigLOWER_SF181234207219124382458652033156836635866
DAUGHTERY CREEKDAUGHERTY-359000320909197819022740900830817

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