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KRIS Big River: Chart Table Page

Area Basinwide/Regional
Topic Sediment: Matthews Road Locations for All Sub-basins 2000

Caption:  The Chart Table roads_type_location_allsubs.dbf was derived from Matthews and Associates (2001) Table 26. The SUB_WSHD is the Matthews sub-basin naming convention, SHORT_NAME is the abbreviation for use on charts. The additional column headers are miles road by location or type. See Info Links for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 125 have been displayed.
Lower Big RiverLOWER_BIG15.137.310.91.310.351.8
Laguna CreekLAGUNA7.924.
Big River EstuaryESTUARY113711.34.219.335.9
Middle Big RiverMIDDLE_BIG2173.421.201897.6
Two Log CreekTWO LOG10.
Little North ForkLITTLE_NF17.
Upper North ForkUPPER_NF13.438.28.30.613.146.1
James CreekJAMES13.428.
Chamberlain CreekCHAMBERLIN26.924.412.601.762.2
East Branch NFEAST_BR_NF12.531.39.6011.841.6
Lower North ForkLOWER_NF16.234.69.647.848.6
Upper Mainstem BigUPPER_MAIN20.244.320.402.382.5
Martin CreekMARTIN13.137.715.9017.649.2
Lower Mainstem BigLOWER_MAIN19.649.912.805.776.6
Upper South Fork BigUPPER_SF8.318.57.53.9030.4
Middle South Fork BigMIDDLE_SF19.22711.55.90.551.4
Lower South Fork BigLOWER_SF28.467.619.71.322.192.3
Daugherty CreekDAUGHERTY22.862.423.76.516.186.4

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